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International Freight Forwarding Agent
 To undertake international shipping, air, land and other import and export cargo transport services, including: Lanhuo, booking, shipping, ……
Import & Export Agent
Double head agency procurement service, single head up agency service, import business, export business, business settlement work……
Import & Export Trade
Beijing import and export company also operates its own products, product categories are constantly enriched and expanded. Sports products, horticultural products, festival decorations, interior decorations……
Value-added Service
In charge of import and export enterprise qualification and solve difficult problems, electronic port IC card application, consulting, operation training business, agency goods entrepot trade, agency goods temporarily import and export……
Beijing international import & Export Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive foreign trade enterprise established by the Ministry of Commerce. It is mainly engaged in automobile interior decoration, automobile mould and so on. The company integrates commodity import and export business, agency, warehouse booking, warehousing, commodity inspection, customs clearance, transportation...
International maritime conventions or the birth of
The dismantling of global container ships will reco
Strengthening cooperation between port safety produ
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